DropTheDie – Who be?

Having been a long-time nerd, it was rather shocking that I didn’t play a single Tabletop RPG until I was 22 and deep into my college coursework, but the moment I sat down with the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 book to “roll up” a sorcerer – I was hooked.

A long stint of my RPG life was actually spent DMing the marginally hated D&D 4th Edition. I ended up buying some graph paper to help draw out the maps, as they are exceptionally important for 4e. Then a wet erase mat. Then… I awoke several years later, in a haze. Dozens of sets of dice, boxes, pens, books, inserts, boxes, charms, coins – there is a veritable gaming store in my closet.

After graduating with a degree in English with a writing emphasis, I decided to help my friends make better informed purchasing decisions through dozens and dozens of amazon reviews, buried underneath thousands of other five word reviews. Thus, this blog was born; I’m utterly shocked that I’ve gotten as much support as I have!

And, for the record, “DropTheDie” is actually a statement I make when I want my players to stop rolling dice for everything and roleplay for a change. “Woah woah, drop the die, stop looking at your sheet, and just tell me what your character does.”