DropTheDie Portfolio

This page will be a landing pad for the majority of my work. Though peer-to-peer and freelance commissions do make up the bulk of my experience, as well as narrative and design consultations, these product releases and their natural progression since I entered the industry highlight my interests and my design skills.

Project Lead

The following projects involved 2 or more additional creators working in tandem with my own efforts as project lead and designer.

Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms

A wildly successful collection of 9 unique setting-agnostic locations, complete with services, amenities, quests, magic items, and bespoke menus. This PDF reached 500 sales in 4 days and has since blasted through Gold, Platinum, and Mithral best selling status.

Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms IN HELL

Written in the 30-day space between the release of Taverns, Inns, and Taprooms and the launch of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus, this 60-page PDF gives more locations to be found in the hostile expanse of the Nine Hells. New trinkets, magic items, exotic beverages and narcotics, and a collection of thematic and dangerous creatures – it’s made to inject into any Descent Into Avernus game.

Opus of Elemental Substance

A popular collection of 60 new elemental spells for 5e Dungeons and Dragons intended to add new options for each of the primary elements (acid, cold, fire, lightning, thunder) as well as the thematic element ‘earth.’ Spells range from level 0 to level 9.

Opus of Extrinsic Substance

Off the success of the Elemental collection of the same name, this collection of spells offers even more options for spellcasters, from summoning creatures to unleashing the power of the sun. As part of the AU Wildlife Relief project in 2020, it has been downloaded thousands of times in collections sold to benefit those affected by wildfires.

Solo Projects

The following projects were designed, constructed, completed, and released by myself and, at most, one other artist. Each thumbnail will take you to the product page for each publication for previews, descriptions, and additional information.

Freelance Contributer

Finally, these products and/or publications involved me directly as a contributor, layout artist, writer, or organizer.

The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual

Mission Manual takes the sleek, simple, flexible rules of The Mecha Hack and expands them to encompass streamlined, three-part missions that fit on a single page… [each one designed] to suit any campaign or one-shot session.

Contribution: Designer, Writer for 3 separate missions.

Behold! Liar’s Night

This 76 page Halloween supplement tackles every aspect of 5e design from adventures, monster stat blocks, magic items, random tables, and more.

Contribution: Writer, Editor, Layout Consultant

Amarune’s Adventures

This series involves regions of the Forgotten Realms setting as-yet unexplored by official 5e publications. I was brought on to design and write an adventure to work in tandem with their setting guide.

Contribution: Designer, Writer, Editor

Adaptable NPCs of the Guild

A collection of NPCs spearheaded by Grim Press, dozens of writers contributed to this release including myself. Each NPC was designed based on an art prompt. (Credited as J.B. Little)

Contribution: Designer, Writer, Editor (Chosen of Tiamat, Cult Martyr, Man-At-Arms, Martinet, Wayfarer)

Encounters In The Savage Underdark

A collection of adventures collected by Jeff C. Stevens set in the sprawling Underdark. This collection highlights all aspects of 5e design with limited, focused word-count. Additional work was requested and completed for an unreleased Volume 2.

Contributions: Designer, Writer, Editor “The Long Salt Tavern”

Monsters of Murka

A 214-page monster of a setting book, Monsters of Murka recreates a satirical version of The United States of America in a fantasy reality, highlighting social, economic, and civil concerns in a lighthearted way.

Contributions: Layout Artist, Editor, Supplementary Writer

The Cryptid Chronicle

An expansion, among many planned and working titles, of the Monsters of Murka universe, this PDF highlights new creatures, magic items, spells, and more to be injected into games set in the satirical world. (For a preview of this journal-style book, click HERE)

Contributions: Layout Artist, Editor, Supplementary Writer

Business Inquires

Please feel free to contact me at Dropthedie@gmail.com or on Twitter.

I am available for hire to fill the following roles. All rates are subject to change depending on the scope and details of a given project.

  • Developmental Consultations ($35 per hour)
  • Paid Product Reviews ($50 starting, plus ownership of product)
  • Writing (prose, technical, and non-fiction, $0.15 per word -OR- $200 for 1500 words)
  • Proofreading ($0.05 per word)
  • Developmental Editing, 3,000 words or fewer ($0.10 per word)
  • Developmental Editing, more than 3,000 words ($0.50 per word)
  • Layout Design ($17 per page, $10 per revision after the 3rd)
  • DM for Hire (3 hour game, $60 + $3 per player beyond the 4th)
  • Livestream Games (price varies)
  • Please reach out for any and all Charity Bundles or Charity Fundraising events! I seldomly say no.

Please address any correspondence to DropTheDie or JB little. I look forward to hearing from you!