Review in 222: “Last Days” by Adam Nevill

Welcome to Review in 222, a series where I do a review for a book, movie, tv show, or game in two hundred and twenty two words. First up, a Horror Novel by Adam Nevill.


Last Days follows a relentlessly unlikable filmmaker documenting a mysterious
doomsday cult as they moved from the UK to France to Arizona before eventually
ending in bloody tragedy decades prior to the book. When creepy things start
happening to the filmmaker, it’s apparent the cult’s mysterious worship may
have had lasting effects.

The Good

The central premise of this book is solid- first-hand accounts being the primary delivery device is absolutely genius – because we never know what interviewees are reliable and which ones are hysterical from drug abuse, a search for fame, or trauma.

The Bad

As I said, the central character Kyle Freeman is one of the most unlikeable protagonists ever written, and since only two characters (Kyle and Dan) make up 90% of the book, having half of them be an absolutely self-absorbed sexist, ageist, homophobic, fat-obsessed bigot with no character beyond “I’m obsessed with making film” is a weakness the book could never get over.

“In the dim room Martha’s face glowed faintly like unsalted butter.”

Adam Nevill, Last Days

On top of baffling word choice, Nevill chose to write. Most of the book. Short, choppy non-sentences. Constantly. It drove me to the brink of throwing the book in the trash.

This book took two months of effort to finish, and in the end, it was completely unsatisfying. Sadly, I’d recommend the first half of Last Days to cult enthusiasts, and the last half to no one.

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
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