DnDice UK Review: Ancient Dragon

It can be hard sharing your hobby with people around the globe. Given the state of postal services now-a-days, there’s always the option to order long distances, but given shipping rates it’s best to be sure of what you’re getting into. So today we look at a product from across the pond from my friends over at DnDice UK


I don’t always include this section in my reviews unless the experience is noteworthy. In this case, I truly enjoyed the surprises inside, much like getting to the prize in a box of cereal, the added value makes it even better.

2017-04-23 11.51.56

Packaging is acceptable, nothing special. I’m happy it arrived in the condition it did. Some UK packages end up completely destroyed by the time they get here.

2017-04-23 11.52.20

Inside, not only were there dice, but some other goodies I was not expecting.
2017-04-23 11.52.42

Personalized invitation-style lettering is a very inexpensive but surprisingly cordial addition – “Michael, The Magnificent” won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. The folded sheets of paper contained a fair bit of useful and interesting information for DMs, as well as seeds to start a little adventure!

2017-04-23 11.53.44

Page 1 (far left) is a quick letter from Grady, the founder of DnDice along with a list of what else is included in the package. Page 2 is a front and back short adventure to toss into a campaign or to help inspire something even bigger. Page 3 is an actual two-sided map that goes hand in hand with the adventure.

Again, these little additions are not extremely expensive but add a great deal of gamer flavor. It helps give the consumer an understanding that people at DnDice really are interested in the game – not just your money.

2017-04-23 11.54.37

Finally, the kit includes a 6 piece micro dice tower! It’s about the size of a small index card and just big enough for standard size dice. My players who use miniature dice adore them, and they are an interesting statement!

2017-04-23 11.58.592017-04-23 11.59.08

Even if you never use it, the miniature dice tower makes for a quaint little gift at the table. I think they work especially well in tandem with smaller dice – though such dice are not sold by DnDice (yet). Missed opportunity!


In the same family as our Darksilver Forge Review: Dragonsteel Dice review – metal tins are becoming quite popular, and for good reason.

2017-04-23 12.01.42

They offer a malleability and sturdiness you don’t get from plastics and a much cheaper cost than leather or wood options. I won’t be surprised if we see dozens more companies pop up with such cases in the future.

2017-04-23 12.02.35

I will say that I, personally, love that the name of the dice is printed on the lid of the case. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve bitched and complained about Chessex’s naming scheme, as keeping up with what dice is which ends up being impossible as they rotate in and out. This way is much preferred.



2017-04-23 12.03.27

These dice are the most unique color I have ever dealt with. They are a deep rugged looking copper. So matte and weathered that my camera had trouble picking them up in the soft white light I generally shoot in.

2017-04-23 12.05.17

The battle worn/aged look goes miles above and beyond what I expected them to look like when in use on the table. They show hardly any scratches and absolutely no fingerprints as well. Any worn or rubbed spots on the dice will more than likely be hidden by the finish, but they do not feel rough or sandpapery!


2017-05-10 14.49.22

One of my DM friends, a more classic gamer, also raved about the tall, clear, marvelous d% and d10 – and I have to agree. If someone else noticed, it’s worth mentioning in the review!


We see here, the cut is very similar to Darksilver Forge’s dice offerings, but the weight is situated in a good place between DSF and EasyRoller Gunmetal. Splitting the difference between the two, with an even heavier d20 makes the entire set have a wonderful heft in the hand without shaving down too many corners and edges.

Final Verdict

I’m loving the continuation of positive trends in so many dice companies. Competition is becoming more and more fierce, so little differences eek out an edge over other offerings. In DnDice’s favor – you get a lot of added benefits from a purchase with them, including an adventure, map, semi-personalized letter, business card with a modular dungeon on it, dice rolling tower, a unique and thought provoking finish (there are dozens of options on their main site), and a more uniformed easy to distinguish metal storage case.

Sadly, U.S. consumers may end up steering clear of this otherwise wonderful UK company simply because of the cost. The dice themselves are not anymore expensive than their competition (£25.00 = $32.36) but the added strain and cost of shipping across the globe is a turn off to many. But I truly suggest you take a closer look at the availble colors and finishes from their site and consider picking some of these dice up. They are well worth your time and your money.

2017-04-23 12.09.55

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
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