Easy Roller Dice Co. Review: Gunmetal Color Comparisons

All of you know by now that I’m a huge fan of Easy Roller Dice Co – from pounds of dice to beard oil and everything in between. I’ve done several reviews for them and used dozens of their products in photo shoots and at my table every week. My constant flaunting of their fantastic Gunmetal Dice led my table of 7 players to hoard together 8 full sets of them in various colors – not including my own Legendary Copper dice. Having the ability, I’ve decided to compare, contrast, and review the various color options so you can make a more informed decision when you, dear reader, are ready to purchase ten sets yourself!

Dice, Dice, Baby.

Anyone on twitter can confirm, I own a great many dice. Too many? No such thing you should feel ashamed of yourself how dare you speak to me that way… But we generally have 5+ sets of metal dice out on the table at any given game each week. Options are always appreciated in every facet of life, but it can be a turn-off for someone to “risk” buying $45 dice only to realize they can’t read the numbers or hate the color. So we pooled our resources: BEHOLD!!

Easy Roller Color Comparison (7)

To better inform your purchasing decision, we’re going to take a closer look at each of these sets (Note: There are two sets of Serpent’s Blood dice. One has been heavily used (2,000+ rolls) the other has been kept in near pristine condition – being a flagship for Easy Roller’s gunmetal series, these two sets will act as our control.


I was pretty impressed with this particular set. The numbers are clear and crisp and stand out beautifully from the deep near-oily look of the Gunmetal finish.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (8)

Light catches the medium toned color just enough to shine at nearly any angle without being overly light and annoying. Oranges and Reds, in my experience, are not for everyone – but I think Easy Roller picked a great hue for this particular set.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (1)


This one may break some hearts – especially with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Obsession for the sanguine pigmentations, but this set may not be what you expect or wish it to be.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (9)

The red is a bit deeper in tone, and while it is a beautiful color in natural light and photographed fairly well, it actually does not show up as well as other colors. Several times when inspecting the dice’s readability, I had to admit to double takes, especially from the side or in moderate lighting conditions. The shade is just dark enough that the surrounding indentation may out-shine the color of the numbers.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (4)


Unleash your inner wasp/bumble bee/magic school bus/yellow things! These guys stand out quite well. Dim, bright, oblique, and muted light – does not matter. The classic joining of Yellow and Black is hard to beat for clarity.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (10)

Luckily the slightly pinkish/green gunmetal finish does not overpower the brilliance of these colors. All of the numbers in the Gunmetal series are coated in a protective clear coat, but it’s barely even visible through the sharpness of the color: this is a very safe bet for anyone looking for easy readability.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (3)

Serpent (Used/New)

Even after eight months of heavy heavy use, these guys are holding up remarkably well. The neon green, much like the yellow, cuts through the glossy finish – making it a classic option.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (11)

It also seems that the newer sets have maintained the same brilliance of the flagship blends, so have no fear!

Easy Roller Color Comparison (6)


Middle of the road! Yes, enthusiasm applied gratefully. It’s not uncommon for pink numbering to be weak, pale, and end up looking too soft to give a good representation of how sharp the numbers are cut into the face of the die – luckily that’s not an issue here.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (12)

Unforunately, pink is not quite vibrant enough to be easy to read for all people. If pink is your jam, you’re going to be satisfied. But if you need extreme clarity – the polished faces and glossy finish end up weakening the pop of this particular color, but they are serviceable.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (2)


… Dang. Looks like we aren’t going to get through this unscathed, I’m sorry to say. Blue is just not so great.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (13)

The blue is just so dark . Enough light is absorbed by the pigment that the face and the edges of the numbers end up making them quite hard to read at arm’s length. Even if the light source is ever so slightly to the side, the numbers can become a squiggled blob. It was difficult making my camera focus on the dice, themselves, for the below photo.

E.Roller Color Comparison (1)

NOTE: They DO offer a “Powder Blue”! It may serve you better!


A snow white wight might fight white dice on sight. =D (In my 5e campaign, Wights speak almost exclusively in white-based puns.) These dice are lovely.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (14)

Instead of choosing a muted/matte white color, the guys at Easy Roller have decided to slap you right in the face with a handful of talc. These are my go-to dice. Photogenic, bright, clean, easy to read, hard to lose – I can’t recommend these highly enough, especially since black and white go with basically anything.

Easy Roller Color Comparison (5)

Bonus: Legendary Copper

In opposition, black numbering IS still “in.” Just look at these beauties.

2016-03-16 16.46.52

Given the finish and luster, bright light or dim – these guys are always a fantastic option.


Final Thoughts

I will be reviewing just as many Easy Roller products as i can get my hands on – rest assured. The Gunmetal line of dice have been an undeniable success. Electric Blue  should be avoided, in my opinion, and Red/Gold (NOT PICTURED) should only be purchased if you are not concerned with number clarity. It’s not much of a stain on the blinding reputation of the Gunmetal series, but there’s no such thing a “perfect die” just yet.

E.Roller Color Comparison (2)

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I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
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