Dogmight Gaming: Fiery Dragon Sheath

There is a divide inside me. Half of me yearns for sharp edges, glossy finishes on polished metal, clean white inlays. The other half of me likes smooth, rounded, warm wood, vibrant messy colors.

So you can see why I both love and loathe this wonderful offering from Dogmight Games. Today, half of me tackles the Dragon Sheath
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Dog Might Gaming + Easy Roller Review: Skull Dice Box

Another premium product. Premium. The gents and gentettes over at Easy Roller have combined efforts with the mostly-lumber-blooded craftsman at Dog Might Games to bring this gem to life as part of Easy Roller’s ongoing “Rose Gold Dice” series (you’ll see a review in the future, trust me!). To give you all extra time to decide if it’s worth preordering/prepurchasing, we’re taking an early look at it. Onward, to the review!

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Dogmight Gaming Review: Chechen Viking Axe Dice Tray

There is no monopoly on RPG gaming gear, lucky for all of us. You’ve seen my take on the modern, very simple and clean design by Wyrmwood – so to contrast, we’re going to take a look at a more stylized and eye-catching product from the (very cordial) lumberjacks over at Dogmight Games.

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