Easy Roller Dice Co. Review – Staging Area Lidded Dice Tray

Easy Roller has been exceptional at bucking average trends in the gaming world. While people were making small 4×8 dice trays, they made an 11.5″ dice tray. People flooded the market with cheap metal dice, Easy Roller launched high quality gunmetal dice.
Today, I’m here to let you know that they’ve went even further beyond their previous incarnations – with the Wolf Dice Tray we’re about to look at!


One of the big complaints, if you can call it that, I had against the octagon dice tray Easy Roller released previously was just how goddamn big it was! Clocking in at almost a full foot across, there was quite a bit of unused real-estate. The new version, however, is a much more comfortable size – filling out at 9″ from side to side (measuring the LID, which is 1″ larger than the base of the tray. 9″ will be as big as this tray gets and is a fantastic size!

Likewise, the tray has an interesting new feature – a “storage area” for your dice – meaning the tray has two different levels of depth. The inner “pit” (as I’ve been calling it) and the “outer rim” (as I’ve been calling it). The outer rim is just under an inch deep, the perfect height to keep your dice safe from being “bumped” out of the tray, but also shallow enough that you can get them without the awkward crab-claw-finger-grab. I’ve been writing and working on PDFs for nearly 11 hours now, so my words are almost all made up at this point.

The “pit” – on the other hand is exceptionally deep compared to the outside edge of the tray.


The added depth gives a Colosseum feel to the whole affair, along with a little added privacy. One has to look down from above in order to see most rolls within the tray, making it usable for DMs as well as players. I used it in both games this week and am happy to report that we didn’t actually drop a single die all night – the high inner walls of the “pit” give players a nice target to hurl their dice against, and the inside is so deep that they have a low probability of ever bouncing out on accident.

The Double-Deal

I cannot move forward without bringing this up: You get two trays when you buy one of these. The lid is a fully functional dice tray in its own right, and deserves measuring as well.

The lid is a respectable 3/4″ deep, with a wide, soft surface. At my table – combined with the base tray – we could accommodate 6 players with very little issue. This added value is quite important when factoring in the price. Please remember it.


This doesn’t require a hard sell… Just look at it.

Anyone with eyes and half their wit can tell, a lot of time and effort went into these beautiful trays. The faux-leather is still as strong as ever, the embellishment of the wolf is striking and very well done. The supple, soft, and well machined felt lining is the best I’ve ever seen in a dice tray. I’m blown away by the amount of care that went into this product, and I think you will be as well.


I hate that my camera is out of commission – I’ve bee relegated to using my phone’s camera and trying to salvage decent photos to show you all. This tray has many utility qualities above how pretty it looks: the ample cushion leads to quiet rolling (especially useful for podcasters), the high walls will, 100%, lead to fewer dropped dice. The Staging area does a wonderful job of helping players find the dice they’re looking for quicker and keep their enormous pile of polyhedrals from spreading all over the table.

The lid is a killer addition! It slides on firmly – so firmly that leaving it in my back seat full with cheap dice, the lid never came off in almost a week of driving – even when it fell into the foorboard. The lid is a secondary dice tray and rolling surface, meaning twice the people can be served from just one product, and the whole thing is backed by Easy Roller against defects.

It’s far lighter than wood and as cheap as any wooden dice tray you’ll find – but having it in hand, you don’t feel as worried about breaking it as you would be with a Wyrmwood or Dogmight dice tray – it’s made to be used not made to look pretty. And I think they absolutely killed it. For $35 – you’re essentially getting a dice tray, a dice box, and a second dice tray all in one package.


I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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