Easy Roller Dice Co. Review: Gunmetal + “Serpent’s Blood”

After a dumb hiatus, I am happy to kick off a new “season” of reviews with these absolute monsters. Easy Roller has become a name pretty synonymous with quality: as such, I have nothing to add as far as packaging goes, as each and every set of these dice come in the very lovely Leatherette Cases offered by Easy Roller. If you haven’t given it a look – go back to my Legendary Copper review. But ONWARD to the Gunmetal “Serpent’s Blood” Dice review.

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The best part about these dice, for all you metallic fans, is the deep glossy luster the gunmetal color has. Not quite a chromed mirror shine, these guys are absolutely gorgeous in almost ANY light. The glossy finish does attract some fingerprint-age (that’s a word, I have created it), but the dark color pulls double duty by keeping those fingerprints almost entirely invisible in all but the perfect light (the above dice have not been cleaned or wiped down at all, for example).

The bright green numbering, as you can see, is a sharp and vibrant contrast to the dark metal. Not only are they stylish, with the go-to popular color scheme for “gaming” peripherals now-a-days, but they are damn easy to read, especially in non-optimal lighting conditions or straight down angles.

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Where some dice are reflective to the point of smothering the number with reflections, the Serpent’s Blood color quite easily stands out from the surrounding shadows and highlights – making these the ideal dice for anyone who has a hard time seeing black numbers (or the discerning Dungeon Master who wants to keep a set of dice handy that players can’t “secret roll” their way to victory).
If the number color puts you off, do not fret – Easy Roller has begun offering multiple colors just for you! From orange and pink to yellow and blue. Just go give them a look!


You can expect these guys to weight the exact same as the Legendary Copper set, which shows an ideal cut and measurement on the part of Easy Roller! Some dice sets swing up to 0.04oz between the sets from other companies, but of the three sets from Easy Roller, every single one of them is 4.5oz on the nose. 2016-06-26 16.37.18


These dice… have been… through hell. They’ve been in bags with various metal coins in the trunk of my car in 140 degree heat for nearly a month. They’ve been used for months and months on end as I DM weekly at a local store – and they don’t have a single nick and hardly even a scratch. This is the brand of dice you need to get if your concern is durability. All metal dice, and plastic dice as well, are subject to scratches, scuffs, dings, dents, and a dozen other odd names for imperfections. The only visible scars from my otherworldly abuse are tiny abrasions that look almost like dust. These high-def photos (12MP camera, at least), show those flaws much better than in daily use.

Final Verdict

You can not go wrong with these dice. Functional, heavy, durable, gorgeous, easy to care for, wonderful, all coming in a stylish storage option (that doubles as an emergency rolling box). They might be a little dark for some people, especially those that enjoy gold or platinum colored metal dice, but they are polished to a mirror sheen…. you can just tell the guys and gals over at Easy Roller put love into these, and I couldn’t be any happier. Bonus points: some of the edges are sharp enough to shave with in the post apocalypse!

2016-07-03 18.21.39

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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