Metal Dice Review: Easy Roller Dice Co. “Legendary Copper”

The success of my last review has done very little to slake my dice addiction. We’re past the point where numbers even matter, my friends. The best part of my last review was hearing from so many people that it inspired them to take the leap of faith and try out metal dice for the first time – and I heard zero complaints!

This time, we’re swapping to another very respectable company called Easy Roller Dice Co. As far as consumer experiences are concerned – I could not have been happier with Easy Roller. The guys there are extremely helpful and unbearably nice. I highly suggest following their Twitter (@EasyRollerDice) or facebook just to see some of their newer photos, products, and their frequent contests to win free dice! But enough about that… On to the REVIEW!


Easy Roller Dice Co. breaks with tradition in this regard. Each of their metal dice sets come in a faux leather storage case with a fitted foam insert. This is, in most people’s opinion, an effective long-term storage solution. I keep many of my own sets in these Leatherette cases. The pre-cut foam insert is extremely secure – once you put your dice in you can shake the case like it’s the last bit of chocolate milk in a container and they won’t move at all. The inside of the leatherette is actually a soft felt-like lining which, in a pinch, makes a great “rolling box,” though you may want to think about buying a play mat or at least a mouse pad to protect your tabletop.
Be warned, that when you receive your display case, there may be indentations, punctures, or other abrasions – as you can see on the photo above with the Easy Roller silver logo. Don’t be surprised by this, as it shows the case did exactly what it was meant to do – PROTECT YOUR DICE.


This is not my first set, nor my last, of Easy Roller metal dice… but they are the most eye-catching at a glance (I asked both friends and strangers for their opinion on that matter).

2016-03-16 16.46.52

Good lord… what’s not to love?

The best choice, in my opinion, when looking at these dice is the use of a matte/brushed finish, not a fine polish. Not only does it help show off the full luster of copper material used, but it also makes them extremely  fingerprint resistant.

You won’t be calling in a rescue plane with the reflection with these guys like you might with other dice, but they are still quite bright and…. metallically… The copper finish catches just enough light that no matter the angle, these dice are incredibly easy to read. Even from across the table – which may be a negative depending on how you play, you cheats!


Like most metallic sets you’ll find, these are standard size 16mm dice. Average Chessex brand dice, by the whole set, weight in at around 0.9oz, but this particular set weighs in at a modest 4.5oz, not as heavy as other offerings. So, if weight is a concern for you, this is a fantastic set to start out with. Once you get accustomed to the weight, they are extremely well rolling dice – the hard edges and lower weight than steel dice make these roll just a little shorter than traditional plastic dice.


The much requested addition to my reviews: things I believe some of you may find concerning. The list is microscopically long: ONE. Some of your dice may come with “character” as I like to call it. Copper has never been known as a very hard metal, and as such you might have some die with light scratches or dings in them.

This may be a problem for some people, mainly because they forget that even precision dice can come with minor imperfections. If this dissuades you from buying them – FEAR NOT! Easy Roller has a FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE if you feel that your dice are actually damaged, they will replace them for free. Knowing Michael and the Easy Roller Dice Team the way I do – I promise they’ll go above and beyond to get your order sorted no matter what.

Final Verdict

I have not found a metal dice set that would appeal to new dice owners than this one. The lighter weight and smudge-proof finish make it just as easy as most plastic dice to care for, and the copper coloration is so lustrous that the black numbers pop. Coming in a long-term storage solution increases the value substantially, as you wont be tossing all your dice into a bag to clank around like some FILTHY PEASANT! 2016-04-03 18.10.41

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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