EasyRoller Dice Co. – Wyvern Reversible Dice Bag

Okay, you can’t have a name like “Drop The Die” and not have a literal bucket-load of dice. I have enough dice for every player at my table to have 2 full sets and about 15 extra D6s each. Why? Because I have a PROBLEM.

Finding storage options isn’t always easy in our hobby: minis, dice, mats, roll boxes, screens, pens, paper, books, more books, more dice, coins, pawns – it takes a toll on the available space one has to operate.

Well, if you, like me, have a lot of dice – I can promise you that Easy Roller Dice Co. Wyvern Dice Bag is an extremely worthwhile investment. Let’s get into the review!
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Easy Roller Dice Co. – 11.5″ Dice Tray Review

You have all, I’d wager, seen my obsession for metal dice. The heft, the shine, the clatter, the ability to use them as improvised weapons – so perfect. I also love my table… When these two loves collide, you’ll see me throwing down play-mats, clipboards, towels, rolling inside the Easyroller Dice Co. Leatherette Case lids – so you have to realize just how utterly excited I was to get my hands on the 11.5 inch Octagonal Dice Tray!
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