EasyRoller Dice Co. – Wyvern Reversible Dice Bag

Okay, you can’t have a name like “Drop The Die” and not have a literal bucket-load of dice. I have enough dice for every player at my table to have 2 full sets and about 15 extra D6s each. Why? Because I have a PROBLEM.

Finding storage options isn’t always easy in our hobby: minis, dice, mats, roll boxes, screens, pens, paper, books, more books, more dice, coins, pawns – it takes a toll on the available space one has to operate.

Well, if you, like me, have a lot of dice – I can promise you that Easy Roller Dice Co. Wyvern Dice Bag is an extremely worthwhile investment. Let’s get into the review!



It’s pretty easy to see that this bag is massive. With a flat, wide bottom, the bag stands upright at just under 6 inches. The gaping maw of this beast is, after a bit of use, a perfect 5 inch diameter circle, big enough for you to reach both hands in and root through to find the one die we all know is luckier than the rest.

Through the rest of this review, we’ll be playing a game where you attempt to GUESS how many dice are trapped inside this bag (literally, as photoed above – how many dice do you think are in there?)


Don’t let this bag’s ability to stand fool you. It’s actually made of very soft, very thick, microfiber material. The drawstring, as well, is quite soft. It’s a small creature comfort, but it’s nice to see non-the-less.
The seams and stitching are insanely high quality – from the black side of the reversible bag, you can barely even make out the seam at all – which, if you didn’t know, generally constitutes a very tight stitch – meaning the bag is less likely to have exposed and worn down threads.
The microfiber the bag is made of is two layers thick (black and red, obviously) but also keeps the bag upright – the inner felt and outer felt add a bit of support that will keep the bag from toppling or slumping over, making it pretty ideal for tokens as well as dice – as many games such as FATE rely heavily on token use.
The drawstring of the Wyvern bag is also very well thought out – it runs the length of the bag TWICE before terminating at the stitched openings on either side of the bag. Which makes it extremely tight closing and secure.

Aggressive Expansion

Have you decided how many dice are probably in the bag?

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This bag is incredibly spacious! So much so I had difficulties even photographing all of the dice sets on my table! Cinched down and tied, the bag is a little bigger than a softball, but all those corners and how the bag is sewn makes the interior completely massive. I’m pretty sure 40 sets could fit inside the bag with very little issue.



I feel that Easy Roller Dice Co. has done it again with this product. I’ve had it for a few months now and it has held up REMARKABLY well. Both sides are very clean and nearly identical in production. As you can see above, the bag holds enough dice to completely FILL the 11.5″ Dice Tray I reviewed earlier. (Note: I actually use this exact set-up at my table to pick out the dice I’m looking for before the session.)

Since the introduction of their Blue 11.5″ Dice Tray, I’ve been pretty excited to see if they’d product a matching reversible dice bag to follow a similar color theme – perhaps a knight or shield to oppose the Wyvern. Regardless of their future creations, I can wholeheartedly assure you that this bag can meet and exceed your dice carrying needs! Check it out, right now, on Easyroller Dice along with any of their other products. You wont regret it.

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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