Easy Roller Dice Co. – 11.5″ Dice Tray Review

You have all, I’d wager, seen my obsession for metal dice. The heft, the shine, the clatter, the ability to use them as improvised weapons – so perfect. I also love my table… When these two loves collide, you’ll see me throwing down play-mats, clipboards, towels, rolling inside the Easyroller Dice Co. Leatherette Case lids – so you have to realize just how utterly excited I was to get my hands on the 11.5 inch Octagonal Dice Tray!

First up, since this is a pretty straight forward product, we’re going to touch on the highlights and uses for this monster, then get into the information you need before purchasing it (which each and every one of you should).


First up, this thing is a very generous size. Before I had it in my hand, I expected it to be a few inches bigger than a drink coaster – but it’s closer to a serving platter! There’s plenty of space inside for several sets of dice to sit comfortably without touching one another, allowing three or four players to keep their entire dice set inside the tray and STILL have room to roll in the middle.

Now why this is important – I don’t play on a large gaming table every session – I sometimes have to play in cramped apartments, on sofas, or on small fold-out tables that I share with two or more other people. If you’ve been in any of these situations, you should know the struggle I speak of – having to move aside papers and books, jacked-dice on pencils and thwacking my dice into glasses on accident (which is pretty harrowing considering glass and metal don’t play well together).


The beauty of this dice tray, other than the lush felt, gorgeous logo, and premium feeling leather exterior, is the sturdy construction. I’ve had these metal dice (beauties eh? Gunmetal Serpent’s Blood and Legendary Copper – so gorgeous) banging around inside of here for nearly a month. On top of the other 5-8 players at my table tossing their dice, coins, and other things inside. Even with 4 full sets of dice inside the tray, it is easy to pick up and pass around the table, no fear of it giving way or tipping in the least.

Limit Roll Hazards


The outer walls of the tray are very forgiving and high, letting even the most brutish and angry players hurl their dice without worry of them skittering across the entire room (I’m looking at you, Arthur and Leanna!).

The flat bottom of the tray, being a solid surface of its own, is perfect for those cramped environments that would often cause players to roll on tilted surfaces and spend time dealing with jacked-dice and re-rolls. It’s a little thing, but you will NOT miss it when it is gone.



I have been extremely pleased with this dice tray. Not only do I use it every single session, but my players love it as well. Even last night, the players kept snatching it from one another to make their important rolls in. It’s holding up extremely well, it looks gorgeous, and Easy Roller is even introducing a blue felt version (which I hope to get in the future!) – show this podcut some love and be sure to tell the Easy Roller guys what kind of color you’d want to see in the future!

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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