Wyrmwood Gaming Review: Dice Vaults

Since I started reviewing products, I’ve had several companies on my mind – several families of products to fully experience – and Wyrmwood Gaming has been at the very top of that list. Ladies and Gentlemen, that time has finally come, and I could not have been any more pleased – let the review commence.


Through sheer luck, I managed to snag both ends of the spectrum. Wyrmwood is renowned, not only in gaming circles but in most machining/woodworking communities, as having an expansive and impressive list of woods to choose from: 16 custom woods guaranteed to be in stock and over 20 more that rotate out in the workshop.

Wyrmwood has such pride in their products that each one is sent with a contact card (for questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, fears, dreams, aspirations, etc.) and an information card on your chosen wood – this lovely dark dice vault is Mahogany. I, having some background in woodworking, know that Mahogany is beautiful and impressively wondrous for handworking – but seeing the information sent with the vault – including a map of where the wood is primarily harvested – was a very memorable experience (probably due to me fanboying myself sick over the package).

The lighter offering, a perfect contrast to the rich, deep, amber-like color of the mahogany, is a gorgeous Maple dice-vault from one of their Dice Vault Lottery events. The company offers to laser engrave whatever you wish on a random dice vault without you knowing the type of wood to be used – I loved the end result.


One of the most impressive aspects of these dice vaults are the choice to mechanically seat the (extremely powerful) magnet fastenings instead of trying to use a chemical solution (usually superglue). It’s nice seeing a more easily repairable and more stead-fast option.

It is worth noting, however, that in both of these dice vaults the screws on the right side (with the Wyrmwood logo facing you) that anchor the magnets SPLIT the surface of the wood! Shame SHAME, Wyrmwood!

But, such an oversight is still preferable, in my opinion, to the failure of chemical bonding – which often looks horrible and does not repair easily. In both cases – Wyrmwood and Elderwood Academy happily offered to replace/repair my product: customer satisfaction seems paramount, which is always appreciated.


One problem many storage solutions face is handling the bulk and odd shape of dice – having your dice rattle around in a wooden box is just as detrimental to them as having them roll around in the floorboard of your car. This is where Wyrmwood really shines, though.

The dice vaults are just large enough to fit a standard set of 7 dice – if you push the dice together and cram them in, you can fit the full 10 some gamers swear by – but I’d not suggest it for this particular product. From what I understand, you can message the guys at Wyrmwood for special products – an extra half inch of length should be all that’s needed to accommodate a 10 piece set.


The dice, when seated, actually stand up half-way from the bottom chamber of the dice vault, letting the plush foam inserts mash the dice down very securely. The fastenings and magnet connectors are strong enough that every person I’ve handed the vault to have asked me how it opens. This leads to a secure and very silent storage for heavy dice, particularly these Easy Roller Gunmetal dice not known for their squishiness.

For those of you who need a more tactile/proof positive show of its quietness, check out the Shake Test! I did – but video here on the blog requires a premium account, sorry!

Final Thoughts

I was completely shocked by the quality of these dice vaults. The laser engraving is deep and pronounced, the wood is clearly cared for and machined to uniformed perfection. The choices in wood are so dynamic and vast that you can fit them to any situation, game, or dice. For the paladin in my Curse of Strahd campaign, I snagged the bright pure Maple dice vault, had their group name etched onto the side (Lightbringers), and filled it with the mirror-like Norse Foundry Chainmail dice. It made for one hell of a gift. I cannot recommend these dice vaults highly enough. You won’t find me without mine at the table.


I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more product highlights and dice giveaways!

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