Norse Foundry Metal Coins Review: Vampires and Elves

I’m pushing this review out a little early so you can all see it in time for Halloween, as well as the release of Adventures in Middle-earth by  Cubical 7. I am incredibly impressed with these releases from Norse Foundry and can feel the company dialing in exactly what their customers want in a RPG coin – including some very clear and impressive art! Once more, unto the breach.


Elves – Shape

These coins are very dynamic and interesting in cut and texture. Only one set (the #1) are actually circular.

[easy-image-collage id=6615]

Odd shapes for coins, in my experience, have turned off many players – they can be over-the-top and make the coins ungainly and cumbersome. There are generally more reserved than more obtuse coins out there. They also, and this is a big point, fit thematically. Crescent moons, thorny bramble, and void between the branches and roots of a tree – all fit with the Elven theme quite well.

Elves – Art

While the art is fitting and leaves a very wonderful relief within the coins, I cannot help but think these coins look very cluttered. Keep in mind, I also think most elvish architecture is cluttered and nuts – so it’s really a personal preference.


Overall, I like this set – though the color does not show as vibrant and full of luster as other gold options, but still the build quality and art are quite lovely. I feel these would be a perfect addition to any traditional D&D game or the Adventures in Middle Earth games, many of which center around a retracting Elven presence.

Vampires – Shape

As though these coins were built specifically for me, they have a traditional, smooth, even, and WONDERFULLY UNIFORM shape! Ahhhhhh!


Aren’t they GORGEOUS(ly uniform)?! The smooth and even finish along the rim of each coin lead to a much more pleasing feel in the hand as well as a more monetary sensation – as though you’re actually holding a coin and not a hunk of metal. They are also the most condensed and perfectly stacking coins I’ve ever seen in the Norse Foundry product line.

2016-09-30 16.56.38.jpg

Vampires – Art

These coins are absolutely beautiful. Having been the DM for a Curse of Strahd (vampire) campaign for a very long time now, these coins go a long way to capturing the pulp vibe of vampire lore and vampire art/films.


The art for the vast majority of these have a lot of contrast. The raised edges add to the feeling of depth and casting of shadows. You’ll hit all the high-points with these guys – bats, ravens, fangs, bites, creepy villages, coffins. The weakest link in the entire order, sadly, is the #100 vampire. It’s traditional vampire Halloween costume look doesn’t really fit with the vibe the rest of the coins give (a more macabre and literary representation). Though, even that coin’s art is still very detailed and well done.

Elves and Vampires – Overall


These coins, I feel, are quite wonderful. The elven coins keep a natural and ornate theme throughout, and the vampire coins are absolutely top-notch. Unfortunately at the time of this review (10/19/16) the elven and vampire coins are not available, which is a shame – the Vampire coins would have made a PERFECT Halloween gift for any players in your Halloween games. I guess you’ll have to make due with the ZOMBIE! coins, instead.

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
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