Wyrmwood Gaming Review: Complete Zebrawood Dice Tower System

We’ve done boxes, we’ve done bags, we’ve done trays and coinage and NOW… We tackle the truly ostentatious. We tackle the most iconically one-use item at your gaming table: Dice Towers! Let’s start inspecting the various layers to this parfait of wooden pleasure… I have no idea where that came from, but lets start our review of the Zebrawood Dice Tower

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Dogmight Gaming Review: Chechen Viking Axe Dice Tray

There is no monopoly on RPG gaming gear, lucky for all of us. You’ve seen my take on the modern, very simple and clean design by Wyrmwood – so to contrast, we’re going to take a look at a more stylized and eye-catching product from the (very cordial) lumberjacks over at Dogmight Games.

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Wyrmwood Gaming Review: Dice Tray (Adventurer’s Gift Set Lottery)

Opening Ceremonies

Much to my absolute glee, I managed to get my hands on an Adventurer’s Gift Set (a matching set of Dice Vault and Rolling Tray drawn at random through the wide variety of woods at Wyrmwood, the vault comes with complimentary laser etching of your choice). This time, since you were robbed of it before, I will take you through the impressive unboxing of this remarkable offering from Wyrmwood Gaming.
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Wyrmwood Gaming Review: Leather Playmat

Every once in a while, a product comes along that embodies YOU as a person. I think this may be mine. I’ve had and reviewed playmats before, but there’s really nothing to say about them: they are giant mousepads you put your cards and dice on – that’s it. They will eventually fray at the edges, wear through on the top where your hands are, bleach in too much light (back-seat fiasco, don’t ask) – they do their job and that’s all you can say about them; so the main selling point of those products is how they look and what is printed on them… despite having to cover them up in order to use them?

FEAR NOT! By the end of this review, I will instruct you on why this leather playmat is different, and why it is worth your hard earned money.
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EasyRoller Dice Co. – Wyvern Reversible Dice Bag

Okay, you can’t have a name like “Drop The Die” and not have a literal bucket-load of dice. I have enough dice for every player at my table to have 2 full sets and about 15 extra D6s each. Why? Because I have a PROBLEM.

Finding storage options isn’t always easy in our hobby: minis, dice, mats, roll boxes, screens, pens, paper, books, more books, more dice, coins, pawns – it takes a toll on the available space one has to operate.

Well, if you, like me, have a lot of dice – I can promise you that Easy Roller Dice Co. Wyvern Dice Bag is an extremely worthwhile investment. Let’s get into the review!
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Easy Roller Dice Co. – 11.5″ Dice Tray Review

You have all, I’d wager, seen my obsession for metal dice. The heft, the shine, the clatter, the ability to use them as improvised weapons – so perfect. I also love my table… When these two loves collide, you’ll see me throwing down play-mats, clipboards, towels, rolling inside the Easyroller Dice Co. Leatherette Case lids – so you have to realize just how utterly excited I was to get my hands on the 11.5 inch Octagonal Dice Tray!
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