DnDice UK Review: Metallic Dragon

Some companies, including DnDice, have dialed in their product to exactly what they want, and it shows. While hitting all the same high notes as their Ancient Dragon dice set, their Metallic Dragon offering gives a wonderful alternative in feel, finish, and color to their other offerings. Let’s take a closer look!

First off, if you have not – I highly suggest you read my Unboxing at the top of our previous DnDice review. These dice were shipped in that same package, but each and every set you order comes with those lovely extras, including

  • Personal Sized Dice Tower
  • D&D Map/Mini Adventure
  • Introductory Letter
  • Business Card with a Dungeon Tile


These extras really round out the entire experience of ordering from DnDice, and should not be forgotten!


We see the ever popular pressed metal tin make a reappearance. I have nothing negative to say about these kinds of containers – they’re stronger than plastic cases, don’t shatter when dropped, aren’t as easy to store as individual bags, but a hell of a lot nicer looking.


The dragon is subtly different from our Ancient Dragon case, which is fantastic. I enjoy seeing this branding every time. With a look, we can tell what dice are in the tin and each one is made unique by the variant dragon. I enjoy DnDice‘s choice here quite a lot. Kudos.


The foam padding in these containers is very robust. In my few months actually using this style of container, I’ve yet to have any dice spill out.


Even the lid has a pretty firm foam pad, preventing taping or rattling. If your dice are going to jostle violently, these cases can alleviate some of the worry you might feel when purchasing luxury dice.


Where the Ancient Dragon had a unique and interesting finish to make it seem old and weathered, the Metallic Dragon counterpart is more clean and uniform – it matches very well with the Brushed Gold finish.


The deep bronze color is not bright, as a chrome might be, but gives a wonderfully warm luster to each die.


The numbers, I noticed, are exceedingly well cut in these dice, in particular. I’m not sure if it’s the reflection from the semi-gloss face of the dice, but the numbers look to be incredibly deep and contrast well.


In lieu of a glossy, waxed finish, these dice favor a brushed metal look. While each die has a protective coating that it’s been tumbled in, the look of raw metal is quite striking and bold.


Each die, likewise, feels a little rough in the hand, like the dice have a level of grip other dice might not.


You may have noticed in the other photos – but these dice are incredibly well cut. Each corner and edge is left sharp – it seems without the added tumbling a waxy finish might take, these dice are left more angular as a byproduct.


It’s also important to note, that these dice are slightly smaller than a traditional polyhedral set.


Notably, the d6 is quite small by comparison, but matches the size of the rest of the set.



The set weighs the exact same as our other DnDice set – 4.30oz overall, with a massive 1.10oz d20.
As always! Use a rolling tray or a game mat for metal dice


DnDice has hit a fantastic stride. Grady is a stand up guy with an eye for the community. I plan on reviewing just as many of their products as I can get my hands on, from Acrylics to Legendary dice – given enough time and feedback.

By keeping a firm grip on what works and cutting away unneeded extras – focusing each dice set on being easy to store, transport, care for, and use – I have a sneaking suspicion it’s only going to get better as we see DnDice evolve. I highly approve of these dice.

Get a set of Metallic Dragon – Brushed Gold – and tell Grady I sent you!


I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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