Kraken Dice Review: Dwarven Metal Dice (Bonus: Pearl Poly Grab Bag)

In the end – it is “Drop The Die” not “Drop The Accessories,” so back to our roots! The extraordinarily kind people at Kraken Dice have really taken extra effort to blow me completely away! You can see a complete unboxing video here

Kraken Unboxing Video

Dwarven Copper

I’ve been pretty happy with all these copper offerings from so many different companies. It showcases just how impressively different seemingly similar dice can actually be. The storage options, finish, polish, the numbers, shape, warmth – so many variations to make them unique. And this set is no different.



Kraken dice have, I think wisely, chosen to couple their metal dice with logo-stamped leather pouches in lieu of pressed metal tins. Seeing it makes me pretty happy, if I’m honest. It sends a unified message that all of their dice  will arrive to you in a universally acceptable storage option. You can’t go wrong with a good bag!


To make sure the bag and dice are not damaged in shipping – each die is individually packaged in small plastic bags. And while this option does absolutely ensure your dice are in the best condition they can be, I do not like the use of so much plastic that nearly no one will re-use.


Okay, these Dwarven Copper dice have a very interesting finish to them, choosing to make a weather worn and slightly tarnished-dull look that many, I believe, will enjoy.


It’s important to note that these dice have a similar cut and feel to Paladin Antique Bronze, however the finish is the real break-away!

Dwarven Steel

Quite surprisingly, these guys are a bit of a departure to similar dice – in the best of ways!


A more slim and tight fitting bag, dark charcoal in color – I love that there is more than one bag option – and this one is quite solid in its own right, including the solid-smooth, near suede leather!


Ah, just look at all that glorious… plastic… Hold on a second, sheesh.


These dice fill a very niche role that most companies leave unfilled – “Raw Metal” finishes!


Just take a look at the pitted and worn quality of the metal. The dark pips help to highlight the modest shine of the steel dice, giving a great contrast appearance.


Kraken made an interesting choice by not filling in the numbers of these dice – letting the natural variation in color do the work. Surprisingly, they are easy to read despite not having a color for the numbers. I think I like it!


Dwarven Weight and Cut

Each of these sets are nearly identical in weight and cut, but compared to other sets there are a few variations some of you might be interested in:


The d10 and d% dice are tight and small compared to other versions. These roll more like a d8 than a traditional d10 with the extra material trimmed from the barreled edges.

Likewise, the d20 – a reflection of Paladin Dice’s own – a fair bit larger than a plastic counterpart, even from the same company, so be ready for added heft!


White Pearl

A lovely set of chalk white and near translucent milky-white plastic blended into a low-contrast marbled die.


Top it all off with gold lettering and a beautifully crafted satin bag, complete with a small Kraken token, and you’ve got a very lovely set of dice for any “pure” or “innocent” character – particularly attractive to clerics from what people tell me.


Blue Pearl

Kraken must have known I have a weakness for pearl themed dice – because these kill me.


The heavy contrast of sapphire blue and ocean blue cut a lovely figure!


Expect these dice to give off an aquatic feel to just about any occasion. The high contrast of stark white with the marbled blue make for a highly visible set of dice, even in dim light!

Sapphire Raven

These dice hit an interesting in-between for pearl and marble. Thick veins of dark navy run through a body of aqua that are lovely.


Unlike the white pearl dice, the gold/yellow of these letters are less striking, lending themselves more to the high contrast of the two mixed colors than being easy to read.


Depending on the amount of light, these dice will sometimes appear pale or exceedingly dark – which make the quite unique!

Royal Passion

The big winner – the set that my Patreon and Twitter went nuts over…


Gotta love a good purple set! Following in the same family as other offerings in this review, the pale-yellow-gold lettering works quite well to instill a New Orleans vibe to these dice, as well as eliciting the same high-points of royalty: Royal purple, vibrant blue, gold. Kings long-past would be proud!


Final Thoughts

Kraken dice did a fantastic job on all of these dice. The quality control for their metal offerings are incredible – both sets have nothing but the most minor of imperfections (a few hair-like scratches) on some edges.

Their polyhedral offerings, likewise, are quite incredible – the dice are smooth and well polished but not overly rounded. The colors stand out wonderfully and the bags are simply incredible. Clocking in at less than $10 per plastic set and around $30 for each metal set – these dice are insane.

Kraken also have a “buy 3 get 1 free” deal going on for the forseeable future… You can get all of these plastic dice, four of these glorious satin dice bags, or a metal set and leather bag for under $40… That’s one hell of a deal.


Let me know what you guys and gals think!

I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
Review by JB Little, Follow me on twitter for more “useful” information.

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