Darksilver Forge Review: Óðinn Vígvöllr Terningbrett

Know him as WōdenWōdan, Wuotan, Wōtan, or Odin many are inspired by the one-eyed god of Old Norse mythos. So much so that he’s made appearances in every form of popular media throughout time. Now, you can be inspired by the god of battle when you need it most – we’re taking at look at the Odin Battlefield Dice Tray

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Darksilver Forge Review: Cthulhu’s Gold Dice

So Darksilver Forge may not have many options available right now, but what they do have is uniformity and consistency. Today, we’ll be taking a look at their second “launch” set of dice: Cthulhu’s Gold. Let’s step right into the review.

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