Norse Foundry Review: Atmar’s Cardography (Fiery Pits)

Improvisation is important as a DM. As is planning. The venn diagram overlap of those two is slight. However, this Kickstarter from Norse Foundry fits squarely between the two. It’s a very weird product – not for people who love cards, not for people who love maps – but perfect for both. Let’s take a gander under the hood of “Enter the Fiery Pits.”

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Norse Foundry Review: Precision Aluminum Dice

In honor of Norse Foundry sparking off their new and improved website, I’ve decided to publish a review of their flagship precision aluminum dice! The price tag on these are quite hefty, but before you make a decision one way or another, you need to be informed. At the end of the review, I also have a 20% off coupon code for you gals and guys! I won’t be hurt if you skip ahead.
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Norse Foundry Review: Metal “FUDGE” Dice

FATE is one of those RPG systems that you either love or hate. I seldom meet people who fall anywhere in between. The system uses extraordinarily loose rules and a math-light system of + and – symbols to determine the effectiveness of any particular action in the game. Having said that, we’re going to approach this review in a similar way: fast and to the point, highlighting the pros and cons to this Metal Dice option available from Norse Foundry, since they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt in the past, we’ll start with a 3 (Good) by FATE rules.
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Norse Foundry Metal Coins Review: Vampires and Elves

I’m pushing this review out a little early so you can all see it in time for Halloween, as well as the release of Adventures in Middle-earth by  Cubical 7. I am incredibly impressed with these releases from Norse Foundry and can feel the company dialing in exactly what their customers want in a RPG coin – including some very clear and impressive art! Once more, unto the breach.
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Metal Dice Review: Norse Foundry Chainmail

I’m something of a “dice addict.” Twenty eight sets of various colors, sizes, shapes, clarity  – but that does not mean I’m easy to please. Once I finally dipped my toe into metal dice, I knew it was bad news for my bank account and any silent DM rolls from then on.

The newest addition to my ever growing collection came from Norse Foundry in the way of their “Chainmail Silver” dice set – apparently one of their older offerings. Part of the reason I chose this set was because I had absolutely no idea what color they were even supposed to be from their website.
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