TTRPG Advice: Setting a Scene

“The stage is set. The curtain rises and the scene begins.” But… how do you set the stage in the first place?

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Norse Foundry Review: Atmar’s Cardography (Fiery Pits)

Improvisation is important as a DM. As is planning. The venn diagram overlap of those two is slight. However, this Kickstarter from Norse Foundry fits squarely between the two. It’s a very weird product – not for people who love cards, not for people who love maps – but perfect for both. Let’s take a gander under the hood of “Enter the Fiery Pits.”

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August Hiatus – The Big Move, Unemployment

After a lot of discussions with people in the community, I’ve decided to put this all out there… for transparency’s sake and so people who want to help can help in any way possible.

Where to donate: Paypal     Ko-Fi     Patreon

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1,000 Follower Giveaway Pt. 1: Steampunk Dice Package

You have all been wonderful. The amount of support I’ve gotten on both Twitter and this blog have been shocking.

So to give back, I’ve decided to do a series of giveaways while I am at 1,000 followers! The first in the line-up is my Steampunk Dice Package consisting of:

All these products have been a complete shock in quality and utility at my table and have been the most popular products on this blog. I’m extremely happy to be combining them all (a $70 value) for one of you fine followers!


You have 4 ways to enter, and each entry you do will go into the pool that I pull from – so feel free to do all four.

  1. Follow, Like, and Re-tweet [This Tweet] on Twitter with  #DTDGiveaway.
  2. Like my Comment and Share [This Post] on Facebook.
  3. Comment below with your favorite Gaming Accessory (Links appreciated!)
  4. Sign up for my Patreon at any level at all. It’s brand new and will be used for my third and final giveaway in this series –  proceeds of new patrons during these giveaways goes exclusively to international shipping in the event of an international winner! I made my patreon page five minutes ago JUST to give you guys an extra way to win!

The winner will be selected on July 5th, 2017 from a pool of every entry (I HOPE that it’s gigantic, I want all of you beautiful people to be involved!) I cannot wait to hear from each of you and I am incredibly, vehemently, and unexpectedly grateful for your support.




TTRPG Advice: First-Time Players – Character Creation

I see this quite a lot in tabletop games: a new player is introduced to the game and a Game Master says “Make a character, here’s the books.” No frame of reference, no suggestions one way or another, no way for the new player to parse the information avalanche that comes from a novel-length rules compendium.

Suddenly the 5’4″ thin blond girl who smokes a lot and wings her eyeliner like a champ is playing a 5’4″ thin blond elf girl who smokes a lot and has naturally perfect eyelashes.

There is a danger and disservice on the part of the Game Master in allowing this to happen. While new players should feel safe and secure, they should also be advised, not forced – mind you, to play a character that is different from themselves in a variety of ways.

Let me explain why.
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Artisan Dice Review: Druid’s Dice (Imbuia)

Important Foreword

My expertise is the cold, hard, industrious feel of Metal dice, but I’ve always been extremely interested in the various options out there – both for myself and for you, dear reader.

To that end, the weekly players of my D&D5e game pooled resources (not evenly, I bet) to purchase me this beautiful set of Imbuia wooden dice from Artisan Dice during one of their dice lotteries. It even came with a complementary d20. I believe it’s Chechen (black poisonwood), but I’m unsure as it was not labeled.

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