1,000 Follower Giveaway Pt. 1: Steampunk Dice Package

You have all been wonderful. The amount of support I’ve gotten on both Twitter and this blog have been shocking.

So to give back, I’ve decided to do a series of giveaways while I am at 1,000 followers! The first in the line-up is my Steampunk Dice Package consisting of:

All these products have been a complete shock in quality and utility at my table and have been the most popular products on this blog. I’m extremely happy to be combining them all (a $70 value) for one of you fine followers!


You have 4 ways to enter, and each entry you do will go into the pool that I pull from – so feel free to do all four.

  1. Follow, Like, and Re-tweet [This Tweet] on Twitter with  #DTDGiveaway.
  2. Like my Comment and Share [This Post] on Facebook.
  3. Comment below with your favorite Gaming Accessory (Links appreciated!)
  4. Sign up for my Patreon at any level at all. It’s brand new and will be used for my third and final giveaway in this series –  proceeds of new patrons during these giveaways goes exclusively to international shipping in the event of an international winner! I made my patreon page five minutes ago JUST to give you guys an extra way to win!

The winner will be selected on July 5th, 2017 from a pool of every entry (I HOPE that it’s gigantic, I want all of you beautiful people to be involved!) I cannot wait to hear from each of you and I am incredibly, vehemently, and unexpectedly grateful for your support.



40 thoughts on “1,000 Follower Giveaway Pt. 1: Steampunk Dice Package

  1. Well I am not even going to discuss my favourite dice – I think you can guess that one already we’ve discussed them enough. Favourite accessory is actually the initiative tracker one of my players made me – laminated so reusable & enough space to track rounds, monster hit points, affects imposed and all wipe clean for the next encounter.

    However I am totally in love with Dog Might Games stuff for me it’s that damn adventuers case – one day!!!

  2. My favorite accessory hands down is my 3d printer. My Da Vinci Mini was around $270, and there are tons of free 3d model files for minis and dungeon scenery on and shapeways.

  3. My favorite gaming accessory would be a notebook, simple and not exciting, but as a DM my most useful tool when I don’t know the answer to something is to hold it up, and flip through a few blank pages until I come up with something.

  4. I think my favorite gaming accessory is actually the binder of notes for the game. Important information of the character build, writing down the banes of places and notable characters, and something to hit the dice with when the rolls don’t go in my favor.

  5. Congrats! This is a fantastic looking giveaway.

    My favorite gaming accessory… can I pick my husband? Or the Internet? Because honestly, I don’t really use props or fancy dice trays or minis or anything, we’ve very old-fashioned (aka broke) when it comes to gaming.

  6. My favorite accessory is my Nightmare dice. Polished blackened steel with vibrant green numbers. They roll well for me. They truly are a Nightmare for my players! LOL!

  7. Favourite accesories for me are the sets for D&D that we build with our group. No link since homemade 😀

  8. My favorite gaming accessory is my dice bag. It’ was a souvenir gift from Sedona Arizona. I can’t find a listing for it anymore, but it’s a simple thing, plain brown. Just a cinch bag with drawstrings on both sides that has a snap flap over the top. I keep my dice in little velvet bags, but I can snug about 4-5 sets in the dice bag together, so it’s convenient.

  9. My favorite gaming thing I own, besides my actual dice, would have to be my dice bag. It’s incredibly durable, made from really nice fabric, and the owner of the Etsy shop worked with me on a custom order so I got exactly what I wanted. (It looks like it’s made from dragon skin. It’s amazing.) Definitely a hit when I joined my first IRL game, even if my now-friends poke fun at how many dice I own and how superstitious I am about them. 🙂 Etsy shop here:

    1. rats, I linked to my twitter, but I forgot the S on the end. It’s supposed to by vyrantiums, but I can’t figure out how to edit my first reply. Sorry about that!

  10. I love dice. I have a problem. I have at least 20 sets. Probably more 😛
    The only other accessory I love but sadly don’t have is a dice tower. They look so awesome! And will probably drastically reduce the number of times I accidentally throw my dice on the floor, which would be nice haha!

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