Easy Roller Dice Co. Review: Rose Gold (w. Silver)

It seems such a long time since we’ve gotten some Easy Roller Dice Co. love! These beauties have been on my list for what feels like ages – I’m happy to take a close look at them and help each and every one of you decide if the purchase is right for you. Let’s take a look at their brand new Rose Gold Dice!


We’ve seen tons of color combinations with Easy Roller’s Gunmetal Series in previous reviews, but other than Legendary Copper – we’ve been very limited on the number of actual die colors, but now they’ve launched a brand new product – Rose Gold.

2017-06-25 12.20.44

I feel like the finish on these dice hits a wonderful stride. Extremely polished, warm – but not as warm as their more matte colored copper dice – and full of the luster you’d expect from actual rose gold. Rose Gold by definition is a blend of Silver, Copper, and Gold.

2017-06-25 12.24.33

The mirror like polish is hard to photograph in my current set-up, but absolutely stunning to see in person. Note the wood grain on the under side of the D% and the corner of the D6. See me leaning out of frame on the 8-side of the D12. It’s absolutely incredible to see a finish so well polished and hard. These dice have actually been used quite a bit and still look like new.

Advanced Storage Options: Skull to Skull

Coupled with their Rose Gold line, Easy Roller has rolled (snort) out an entire product line of Skull themed dice accessories! We’ve already discussed the Premium Skull Box from Dog Might Games, but they are also offering Skull Play Mats, and a plethora of soon-to-release Skull Bags and Boxes!

2017-06-25 12.16.20

Hefty and stylish, the Skull Dice Case is quite lovely. I enjoy seeing new designs for their leatherette cases. Hopefully they will continue to roll out new options like this with each future product launch!

2017-06-25 12.17.09

As you can see, there’s plenty of room for your dice to have adequate cushioning on every side of the dice… but…

2017-06-25 12.17.55

The insert itself could be better designed. As you can see, the dice are, using the skull’s anatomy, clustered much more densely in the eye region. The D6 is all on its lonesome at the bottom.

However, this case is offered with a 10 piece insert – which could be a good option for many people who prefer the additional D6s used for rolling stats, common spells, etc. The addition of 3 more of these large D6s makes the entire case look more balanced and well organized.

I’d like to see better positioning with the 7 piece insert, which is more than likely a more popular seller – it robs quite a bit of the aesthetic value once the case is opened. For this review, I chose to take photos of the case as-is when I opened it to show the unboxing value. A little polish here would go a long way.

2017-06-25 13.01.24

Overall size, the Leatherette Skull Dice Case is a bit larger than the Dog Might Skull Dice Box – as it was designed and catered to displaying the 10 piece set as well as the 7 peice. A 10 piece set would be quite cramped in the smaller premium box – keep that in mind for your purchase.

If you enjoy the look and theme, I’d highly recommend either or both of these cases – they pair perfectly with the Rose Gold, Gunmetal, or Legendary Copper dice and make for great utility gifts (roll tray, storage, and display piece all in one).

Head to Head

Those of you with keen eyes can probably see the Rose Gold dice set comes with a brand new font/typeface for the numbering. When I went to take comparison shots, I realized just how important the comparison to Legendary Copper really is.

2017-06-25 12.29.16

Take a look at the more hand written style of the font. the undeniably reflective/matte dynamic between the two, the roughly heart shape I did on accident – these guys in a side by side comparison are quite interesting. Overall, I enjoy the bright polish and lighter numbering of the Rose Gold dice – it’s more easy on the eyes and more attention grabbing.

2017-06-25 12.32.55

True to form, the Rose Gold dice are extremely competitive with the overall size/weight of their counterparts – clocking in at the exact same weight as the previously reviewed Gunmetal Dice. Easy Roller Dice Co. has been a front runner in quality control for weights and measurements in these metal dice, and I hope they know just how much it’s appreciated.

2017-06-25 12.33.41

As we discussed in our previous review for Legendary Copper, the dice are just a hair lighter, all around, than their gunmetal counterparts. So when preparing for these Rose Gold dice, realize they’re gong to have a bit more heft, per die, than the competition.


Perfect weight, unique and new font design, pristine polish, cool storage options, 10 color choices for lettering, same great durability, gorgeous color. I really don’t have any complaints with this new entry by Easy Roller. I cannot wait to see a set with this much shine and polish made for silver/chrome.

You’re going to have to check these out or be comfortable having missed a very solid product well worth the cost of admission ($49.95 at the time of this review, free upgrade to the Leatherette Skull Dice box).

2017-07-19 12.17.24.jpg


I don’t always advocate rolling, but when I do… be sure you have to Drop the Die.
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