Elderwood Academy Review: Scroll Codex Dice Tower System

So, you sit down at your gaming table and pull the shoe box lid out of your bag. Everyone nods, they know the struggle. You roll dice, have some laughs, and enjoy a night of gaming.

So, you sit down at your gaming table and pull out a blue velvet bag nearly a foot long. You unwrap a leather and cherry wood etched and ornate scroll sporting the likeness of a dragon on the black leather exterior. You remove the leather and cherry wood insides and snap them together into a dice tray just as gorgeous. Everyone nods, because hell yeah. You roll dice, have some laughs, and enjoy a night of gaming.

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Kraken Dice Review: Dwarven Metal Dice (Bonus: Pearl Poly Grab Bag)

In the end – it is “Drop The Die” not “Drop The Accessories,” so back to our roots! The extraordinarily kind people at Kraken Dice have really taken extra effort to blow me completely away! You can see a complete unboxing video here

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VyseriArt: Deck of Many Things

Today we’re looking at one of those single use props that are completely worth buying. As I’ve always said, each person determines their own level of investment and involvement in purchasing gaming products. If you’re happy rolling in the lid of a shoe box and writing the various card names on index cards – DO THAT. Otherwise, let’s take a look at this Tarot style Deck of Many Things by VyseriArt from Etsy.

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Level Up Dice: Gemstone Collector’s Set

The world is a huge place – but social media has made it easier than ever to connect with people and companies you’d otherwise never even know. One such connection I’ve made is with Level Up Dice, an Australian company specializing in higher-end luxury dice. Any of you that have spent much time looking for metal, gemstone, or other precious material dice have probably at least seen some of their products in the past.

Likewise, they are often seen on the popular Acquisitions Incorporated games (a PennyArcade D&D actual play series).

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TTRPG Advice: Keeping Secrets

There is a very thin line between pissing off everyone at the table and an interesting, dynamic, and rewarding secret. Most, if not all, legitimate secrets are kept for one of two reasons:

  1. To keep the peace, keep things moving, not burden the group.
  2. Gain an advantage by others’ ignorance of the information.

How can DMs and players alike decide what is worth keeping secret, what is pushing the social construct of the table too far, and what is downright annoying?

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Elderwood Academy Review: Spellbook

I have a PhD in being an overtly frugal dude. It’s what made this entire venture of mine happen – i never knew what to buy and only a handful of people were reviewing things adequately. I wanted weights, measurements, pictures, discussion.

One of the companies that always impressed the hell out of me with the up-front information they’d give customers – almost as though they weren’t trying to trick someone – was Elderwood Academy, and one of their most explosively popular items has to be the Spellbook! Lets crack this gorgeous thing open and take a look.

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1,000 Follower Giveaway Pt. 1: Steampunk Dice Package

You have all been wonderful. The amount of support I’ve gotten on both Twitter and this blog have been shocking.

So to give back, I’ve decided to do a series of giveaways while I am at 1,000 followers! The first in the line-up is my Steampunk Dice Package consisting of:

All these products have been a complete shock in quality and utility at my table and have been the most popular products on this blog. I’m extremely happy to be combining them all (a $70 value) for one of you fine followers!


You have 4 ways to enter, and each entry you do will go into the pool that I pull from – so feel free to do all four.

  1. Follow, Like, and Re-tweet [This Tweet] on Twitter with  #DTDGiveaway.
  2. Like my Comment and Share [This Post] on Facebook.
  3. Comment below with your favorite Gaming Accessory (Links appreciated!)
  4. Sign up for my Patreon at any level at all. It’s brand new and will be used for my third and final giveaway in this series –  proceeds of new patrons during these giveaways goes exclusively to international shipping in the event of an international winner! I made my patreon page five minutes ago JUST to give you guys an extra way to win!

The winner will be selected on July 5th, 2017 from a pool of every entry (I HOPE that it’s gigantic, I want all of you beautiful people to be involved!) I cannot wait to hear from each of you and I am incredibly, vehemently, and unexpectedly grateful for your support.




Aggro Boxes Review: 5″ x 7″ Dice Tray

How cool does that look? Today, we’re taking a look at one of the most sought after of dice accessories: the affordable and small dice tray! The gents and gentettes over at Aggro Box (or Aggro Boxes – both are acceptable I’m told) have married two of my favorite things – beautiful wood and affordable, stylish options! Let’s start the review.

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Paladin Roleplaying Review: Antique Bronze (Bonus: Slyph & Slate)

We’ve had a dice-heavy couple of weeks – but damn if I don’t still love ’em! This week, we’re checking out a completely new company, for this blog – Paladin Roleplaying!

I stumbled onto these guys by complete accident – seeing one of their products listed on Amazon. I contacted Neil and asked him for recommendations, his favorite sets currently offered, and snagged them all for a nice highlight review for you guys. There are hundreds of dice companies popping up all over the place, so it’s important you know who you’re investing your time and money into – and by the end of this review, i hope you’ll feel as comfortable as I do with Paladin dice. Let’s jump right in!

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TTRPG Advice: First-Time Players – Character Creation

I see this quite a lot in tabletop games: a new player is introduced to the game and a Game Master says “Make a character, here’s the books.” No frame of reference, no suggestions one way or another, no way for the new player to parse the information avalanche that comes from a novel-length rules compendium.

Suddenly the 5’4″ thin blond girl who smokes a lot and wings her eyeliner like a champ is playing a 5’4″ thin blond elf girl who smokes a lot and has naturally perfect eyelashes.

There is a danger and disservice on the part of the Game Master in allowing this to happen. While new players should feel safe and secure, they should also be advised, not forced – mind you, to play a character that is different from themselves in a variety of ways.

Let me explain why.
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